Friday, June 11, 2010

6 years ,till then isnyaallah we'll meet again ;]

tsskk T_T

sebak seketika tatkala melihatnya menyarung jubah doktor .
terasa bangga dengan pencapaiannya sekarang .

walaupun sudah tiada apa dengannye .
well good luck in your dreams .

mine will catch up on you too .
yup because i have made a life-time promise to myself heh ;]

till then ,
insyaallah we will meet again in 6 years afterwards .

dont forget about me haha .
well when you in airport ,if you want me to be there ,just have a call .
ill be there as your old friend ;)
i know i know boys are boyfriend in your life hehe and girls are girlfriend and bestgf .
oke good luck .
although im not hearing from you saying a nice farewell but its oke .
i know u hurt more than i am so its okee ;]
i promise  not to give the KEY to anyone else .

see you in Malaysia in 6 years insyaallah ;)
i think ill be a manager at that time ;) such spirit ehh ;]


2 luahan hati:

badiuz & aman said...

mine will catch up on you too ??
what's that?? CMK...

F | I said...

maksudnye aku akn berjaye jugak dan akan follow dibelakangnye .die berjaye aku berjaye jugak .itu maksudnye ;]

CMK uh ape der ?